“There’s a new drug on the market…they call it Santa.”

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The Agent is the story of one man’s journey to bring love back into his life. An artful tribute to all things noir and nostalgic, the film follows Max, a National Security Agent sent on a mission to find and destroy an underground substance known as “Santa”. Up against the clock and compelled to act because of a blackmailing Femme Fatale, Max must figure out how to stop “Santa” from threatening the joyless world of 2099, or it could cost him his wife’s life. With the help of a few unusual characters, Max’s quest takes a colorful turn leading him to discover that the very thing he is trying to destroy might be the antidote that could bring him and his wife back together. 

Cast & Crew

Marie-Noelle Marquis

writer, director, actor, producer

Marie-Noelle grew up in Quebec, Canada before relocating to Los Angeles to attend The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Upon graduation, she began her career in the film industry in 1998. While she initially made her mark as an actor, she quickly realized her love for movies extended far beyond, and in 2002 she began working in production as well. She has performed in over 43 films and theater projects, written one feature length screenplay, the first season of a series titled “After Hours” as well as numerous commercials. “The Agent” is Marie-Noelle’s first short film as a writer and director. 
Over that last 2 decades, her work has expanded from acting to writing and directing, as well as editing, visual effects and producing. Currently, Marie-Noëlle is the owner of EME production. She continues her work as an actor in Los Angeles and is an Alumna of the Meisner Technique Studio and Playhouse West. 

Conor Hamill

actor, producer

Hamill is an Irish actor/producer and has a wealth of experience on both stage and film. Hamill helped produce ‘The Agent’ and can be accused of masterminding putting the team together as he got inspiration from ‘the Christmas house’ in which he was lodging while on a short trip to San Francisco. After a few table meets the film blossomed into what it has become now. Hamill is a Meisner trained actor and was recently cast in the feature film ‘The Winter Lake’. He plays alongside Irish stars Charlie Murphy(Peaky Blinders) and Michael McElhatton(Game of Thrones). Hamill is currently juggling a property development which he says lovers of the Harry Potter films will be thrilled to come stay at! He says it’ll be ready by January 2020 in the town of Boyle,Roscommon Ireland. He is also developing a a feature film that’ll be kid friendly and family orientated.
Hamill is former boxing international (Ireland) and a skilled carpenter.

Santiago Rosas


Santiago Rosas was born and raised in the state of Arizona to immigrant parents from Sahuayo, Michoacán, Mexico.  Santiago, a graduate of the Meisner Technique Studio in San Francisco, has called the Bay Area home for seven years.  He’s been in such roles as Jeremy from the theatrical production of Home Front. Benny from the “The North Pole Show”, Raymundo from “Driving while Undocumented” and starred, co-wrote, and produced the short, Indulto where he won the Best Actor award in the 2017 Sanford Meisner Film Festival. In his leisure time, he is actively involved in his communities in Phoenix and SF/Oakland and loves to play and listen to music.  Check out his website www.santiago-rosas.com

Tyler McKenna

lead actor, producer

Tyler is a graduate of the American Conservatory Theater MFA Program and currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, where recent theatre credits include Sam in Mamma Mia!, Starbuck in The Rainmaker, Beast in Beauty and the Beast, and Thomas in Venus and Fur. While working in theatre, Tyler developed a passion for set design and art direction which he has applied to several projects in recent years including commercials and short films. He continues to develop new projects in front and behind the camera including work with San Francisco based Encounters Film Collective. Film acting credits include A Green Mountain in the Drawer (LAAPFF Golden Reel Award, SDAFF Best Narrative Short) and The Box (principal), as well as commercial, industrial, print, and motion capture work on national and international projects. 

Maeve Montgomery

actor, producer

Maeve’s career in acting started in her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA where she attended Pittsburgh’s Creative and Performing Arts High School as a theater major. She later attended Duquesne University, and became a part of the Red Masquers Theater Troupe, one of the oldest amateur theater companies in Pennsylvania. She directed, wrote and starred in numerous productions during her time at the university, including her roles as Low Dive Jenny in Three Penny Opera and Madge in Picnic. Maeve moved to San Francisco in 2015 to study at the Meisner Technique Studio with Jim Jarrett, and since graduating, has been eagerly taking her career into her own hands by working in film throughout the Bay Area. Along with The Agent, Maeve is currently working on the short There is a Crack with Encounters Film Collective, a film she stars in, as well as helped write and produce. Maeve also participated in the 2018 1 Minute Film Festival in the short Donna. 

Micheal E. Locke

director of photography, actor

Michael started as a ballet major in college, which led to acting study in the Bay Area at the Meisner Technique Studio. Further alumni study there led to a feature being developed- “Roxie”, where he moved behind the camera to capture his fellow actors work. Another year working on productions for AFI and USC  in L.A. honed production skills on every level.  On “The Agent”, he got to both act and shoot, a rare combination.  Currently working with the Encounters Film Collective in San Francisco, developing short films , series, and features.
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